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You call... And somebody came at last.

Hi everyone. It has been a rather long time since you heard from me or saw activity in this website. First of all I am terribly sorry, for this long and void silence. If you guys are following me on Deviantart you may already now what was going on. But if you don't, let me give you sum up of the past 5 years. First, in 2019, I was forced to leave the US and moved in another country. Which was plenty of stress and set back for me, to have to restart over somewhere else and say goodbye 7 years of my life in a country I thouhg would be my final home. Then, work caught up and then COVID happened. I got sick right at the beginning of confinement which took a turn when I developed a long COVID. It took me 3 years just to recover from that. 3 years during which I was still working full time on a few TV show, contributing in accumulating fatigue and having my health drop even more. Several other thing happened that didn't help (At one point, we even suspected that I had lead poisoning, so much I was sick.) I got COVID a second time last year, from work. and got another long COVID. Resulting in a massive burn out and depression. All this time, I have been trying to return to the comics, but had not physical and mental energy to do so. Not even to communicate properly what was going on. Finally after 5 years of fight to recover and get back on my feet, I am now well and good to return to this project. I am trully sorry I seemed to have dropped the comics. I didn't. I was doing my best to heal my body and my mind from all the stress and sickness I endured the pas year. I will soon communicate with you guys the future of this website. But little teaser: It isn't going away. But some changes will sure happen. Thank you all for your patience. Looking forward to show what is in store.

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I know you guys have been waiting a while for this to restart. But not having the proper material to work on the comics was really a throw back for me. First, I suffered a light injury on my elbow,

Small delay!

No it is not another hiatus. But with my new job, I wasn't able to work at all on the page this week. So it will be a bit delay for today. Either tomorrow or Tuesday. Sorry about that.

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25 may

These past few years have been hard on all of us there's no need to feel sorry as your readers it's our honor that you would spead your time to share to us. Taking time to care for one's physical and mental health is and should be a priority. It's good to know your feeling better (we're rooting for you!)

Me gusta

Don't be sorry! You owe nothing to us <3 I love your comic and this very original website. I'm sorry to read you had health issues and I'm relieved that you're better now. I'd gladly read and see more of your art and I eagerly await for the changes in this website. Until then, stay well <3

Me gusta
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