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I know you guys have been waiting a while for this to restart. But not having the proper material to work on the comics was really a throw back for me. First, I suffered a light injury on my elbow, during June, (still recovering from it) due to a bad back position when I am working and in crease with the moving and dragging my furniture out of my apartment. So I had to keep my arm immobilized a good part of the summer because I didn't want to start my work at my new company with my arm in a bandage. (and unable to actually work). With that, moving (again) to an another country, was as usual intense, but in the course of two weeks I moved out three times. I have been literally living in my luggage this past month, doing back and forth between Montreal and wherever I had to go. But now, things are calming down and very soon I will be in my new apartment. (I will still need a new desk because right now I don't have any and sure will need at least a table to be able to work at home.) After a fair adjustment period of time, to get use again to my small table and the fact that I didn't take my Photoshop brush with me (so I needed to create a new one to keep a similar aestheticism with the other pages) and also find the good rhythm to work on my comics after I finish my hours at the studio, I finally can properly work on the comics again; but I won't lie, it really was a drag. I can't wait to be done with this part of the chapter, which honestly might be confusing for you, but I swear you will soon understand everything that is going on. You will also realized that this chapter actually focus mainly on Asriel/Flowey. Which might give you some clues on some of the theory I saw had popped out in the forum (good job for find tat audio record by the way :D) Anyway, we'll have three more update until I unfortunately do another (small) hiatus) so I can work on the website. I have a bunch of stuff to change and the new map and design to place. So once again I warn you the site will be sometimes down while I do so. Please no peek in with using ancient URL and try to see what is going on. I'll make sure they don't work while I am working on the site. (No cheating please :D) Lots of content is going to be featured soon on the site, so Fall is sure going to be intense for everyone!!! Anyway, I am glad to be back. Continue your exploration because very soon this map will disappear and won't be back for a while.

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Small delay!

No it is not another hiatus. But with my new job, I wasn't able to work at all on the page this week. So it will be a bit delay for today. Either tomorrow or Tuesday. Sorry about that.


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