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* Alphys is the incumbent and insecure Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the death of her predecessor. Asgore hired Alphys because she told him that she had created a SOUL; in reality, she created a robotic body for a ghost, called Mettaton.

* She has a very low self-esteem of her work and ability. Despite being extremely intelligent and competent, her hard self-loathing and high stress had made her commit many mistakes and ran away from several situations. 

* She thinks she is a fraud, as she got her job by lying to the King she highly respect and had a crush on. Eager to proves herself to him and everyone, she hurries her research on the SOUL and DETERMINATION, provoking the creation of the Amalgamates, the fusion of undead monsters, and Flowey.

* Each of her experiments ending up being a failure, she shut herself in her lab for many years and from the world, trying to hide her mistakes and developing a rather concerning depression. She sometimes displays suicidal though as a run away escape. The other one is to spend her time watching anime and writing Yuri fan story about Undyne and her. 

* No need to mention, she is madly in love with Undyne. But she holds on her feeling, unable to forgive herself the lies she keeps on telling the warrior, to look cool and to hide the fact she is a giant dork watching anime.

* After meeting Frisk, she built up some self confidence, allowing her to face her fear and mistakes by telling the truth to everyone. This resulting in sending the Amalgamates back to their respective families, making everyone happy and solving most of the trouble in the Underground. She however lost her job afterward, when Toriel learns about it.

* She uses to live in North Hotland, nearby Catty and Bratty, that sees her a "their big sister that brought them to the dump". The latest place is her favorite spot, even for a date, since this is where she finds element for her anime collection. This is also where she met Undyne for the first time. she is a member of Mettaton's human fan club, which is how she met MTT.

* She hates Mewmew Kissy Kissy 2.

Race: Monster

Kind: Dinosaur?

Gender: Female

Birth: ????

Age: 36


HP: 250  LV: 1

AT: 2    DF: 2


- Yellow Magic

- Science

- Computer hack

- Manga critics


Asgore (boss/old crush)

Undyne (lover to be)

Frisk (friend)

Mettaton (friend?)

Toriel (boss' ex)

Sans (hum...)

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