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* Toriel is the second major character Frisk encountered in Undertale. She saved them from Flowey and guided them through the Ruins.

* She is a boss monster - an immortal monster whose soul can survive for a short time outside its body - belonging to the Goat people, who has been ruling over the monsters realm for a thousand years.

* She has seen the war, tried for many years to keep the monsters spirit up and away from despair, until she gave birth to her son Asriel and adopted Chara, the First Fallen Human

* After both of their death and Asgore's sudden change of politics toward any human that would fell down the underground, she eventually renounced her crown, ran away in the Ruins and locked the Forest Door to prevent any monster to hunt humans there, if other happened to fell down again.


* After meeting Frisk, her hope came back, enough to fight back against Asgore and stops his politics against humans, knowing it was a fake excuse to keep his people's hopes and dreams up.

* She is a very kind woman, wise and carrying, that has a lot of love to share and great dream of peace between her race and the humans. She is over-protective and unsure of her ability to prevent harms on the people she loves. 

* She sees Frisk as her own and works hard to make them feel at home. She is highly educated and instructed, she enjoys good talk and plays on word, cooking and hunting snails. She always dreamed of becoming a teacher and having her own school. 

* She share a deep friendship with Sans, through their love of bad awful puns, that started with a "knock knock" joke, through the locked Forest Door.

Race: Monster

Kind: Goat

Gender: Female

Birth: ????

Age: ????


HP: 440 LV: 10

AT: 80  DF: 80


- Fire Magic

- White magic


Asgore (ex-husband)

Asriel (son)

Chara (adoptive child)

Frisk (not sure)

Sans (puns friend)

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