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* You seems at lost with it, so here some explanations.

* A column is a pillar of either stone, marble or wood, used to support, decorate or both, a building construction. It can be also used to indicate an alley or a walking path in a garden or an open space.

* It comes with several appearances, from a simple cylinder to a more elaborate one, some even displaying paintings, reliefs and sculptures. It can be improves with a hat and a foot, to reinforced its structure and looks more pleasant to the eye.

* Greens and vines like crawling on it and even though this offers a nice architectural design, vines tend to infiltrate the stone and damage it. So for the health of your columns, it is better to keep them clean. Putting them on a stable ground is also highly advised if you don't want to weaken its stability and risk to see the construction falls apart.

* Columns offers nice opportunities to hide and spy on people.

* If you are still confused about columns, we suggest you to consul this page.

Race: Object

Kind: Column


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- being a column


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