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* Asgore is the ruler of the Underground and its denizens, monsters. He is the ex-husband of Toriel, father of Asriel Dreemurr, adoptive father of Chara, the first human.

* While not necessarily evil or malicious, he schemed after his kids' death, to kill seven humans and use their souls to break the barrier which traps the monsters in the Underground.

* Asgore is in fact a kind and pacifist furry man goat, that enjoys gardening and drinking tea. People adores him and looks up to him as the one who will free them. He is however not very smart and lack of second though when taking action. His grievance for his loss and sadness seeing his people's despair, made him claim war upon humans again, thinking this would keep the monsters hope up. 

* But none of the soul he has collected, were taken with a content heart. Asgore, wished in fact that no other human would fell down, to not be forced to fight them, while maintaining his people's hope. Which was what pushed Toriel to leave him and protect the humans, opposed to his decision.

* On top of it, his irresponsibility pushed Alphys in many of her mistakes, not realizing the pressure he was putting on her. Indirectly, he is responsible of Flowey's creation, which means, that he has trapped his own son's spirit in a soulless flower, forever.

* Like Toriel, he is a monster boss and immortal. The birth of his son allowed him and his wife to finally age, but after his death, both of the parents went back in being immortal, as monster bosses need a posterity to grow old and pass away.


* Toriel and him used to be very in love, and all lovey-dovey, to the exasperation of many. The king still loves his wife, misses his kids every day and feels extremely alone. All he wishes is to reunite with his wife but this one doesn't seem ready to let that happens anytime soon.


* Asgore is limited in his education, but has a high knowledge of plants and nature. He is very polite, but with sometimes a very childish vocabulary. To the agreement of all, he also sucks at naming things.  

Race: Monster

Kind: Goat

Gender: Male

Birth: ????

Age: ????


HP: 3500  LV: 10

AT: 80    DF: 80


- Fire Magic

- White Magic

- Turquoise Magic

- Orange magic


  • Toriel (ex-wife)

  • Asriel (son)

  • Chara (adoptive kid)

  • Frisk (adoptive kid)

  • Undyne (friend/mentor)

  • Alphys (boss)

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