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Choose your pricing plan

  • Flower

    Every month
    * That's a wonderful idea!
    • I can help you find new clue
    • I will give you tips and encouragement
    • Don't worry! This plan is not regicide...
    • Together let's see what this world really hold...
  • Human

    Every month
    * (This simple plan fills you with determination.)
    • Access to "secret" hidden pages
    • -5% on the online store
    • Plus previous benefits
  • Best Value


    Every month
    * heya! don't you know a good deal when you see one?
    • Access to "secret" easter eggs
    • -10% on the online store
    • Plus previous benefits
  • Boss Monster

    Every month
    * This is the beginning of a bright new future.
    • -20% on the online store
    • Access to all "special" easter eggs
    • Access to all "special" pages
    • Printed versions of special arcs
    • Plus previous benefits
  • Ghost

    Every month
    * Oh... sorry... we have to make a profit somehow...
    • Same as Boss Monster plan... but from a ghost point of view
    • Still a better plan than the Boss Monster's one... oh......
    • We could also build you an costumed avatar.......
    • But... I'll understand if you aren't interested... ohhhh
    • Oh no... I forgot... you can download the music as well.....
  • Spider

    * Finally someone who isn't stingy with their money. Ahuhuh~
    • I will let you play with my pet~
    • And let you access my parlor~
    • Nobody will harm you. Ahuhuh~
    • You can even keep all previous benefits~
    • But stay on your best behavior. Ahuhuh~

Heya friend! Don't forget, you will have auto-renew payment.

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