By Armel Oenn

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out for lunch




Hi friends!

I can't believe that it took me a month to post that update. First of all, my deepest apologies for the wait. It has been extremely had for me to commit to this update this month, due to the moving, the fact that I didn't have right away furniture in my new place, and work becoming more intense. Which is the reason why I need to take tat break I keep on mentioning. 

the fact I couldn't update for while due to the precarious situation I am in, is the perfect evidence that I do need to take a hiatus to settle in and continue my work. Anyway. 

We finally have reach a page we can stop the comics for a determined amount of time. I don't think a month will be enough have everything ready. So I'll send an email to let you know when I am sure the comics will restart. Thank you for reading and see in a few week. More rested and with a new website!